Day 3 post surgery

Painy is going really well, using his litter to pee, eating well.

When we visit he loves to have lots of scratches around the neck & ears, & nose rubs – always his favourite timagehings. He seems more his usual self, though not moving around a lot – just enough to eat & smooch!

Vet is keen to keep him a few more days though. He needed to change the cottonwool padding over the wound yesterday because it became soggy, & he wants to keep an eye on him. Painy is still on 2 painkillers & antibiotics, all by injection. This will change to oral meds when he comes home.

Painy seems quite happy with his temporary hotel booking, & gets lots of attention from the vet staff coz he’s so cute & purry!

All going well for now.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 post surgery”

  1. Hi Liz, I’m glad you got the photos up. To resize: once photo is uploaded then click on it and go to the right hand upper corner where there is a box , if you hover over the box then you get a line with a triangle at the ends and you can drag your mouse in to make the photo smaller.

    As for Painy, he is getting extra special care from the vet. That is wonderful and will make it easier for you at home. This way the vet can monitor the pain. Most cats go home by the day following the amputation and are not usually bandaged up. My Mona was racing around the house the day after surgery – she was an escape artist – she stressed me out! I think keeping Painy quiet for a few days is good and the safe thing to do. And he seems very happy which is great for you!


  2. Awwww Painy…you are soooo cute!

    You get plenty of rest and enjoy those lain meds!!
    Can’t wait to see locs of your homecoming!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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