Surgery day

Left Painy at vet this morning & said a sad farewell to his shiny , beautiful right front paw! Weird to imagine him without it.

He was operated on late afternoon. When I called the vet the nurse said vet had done a really nice job, & Painy was quite groggy with morphine.

The plan is to pick him up tomorrow afternoon. I’m not working the next day so can play intensive care nurse for a bit!

Looking forward to getting him home & seeing how he manages. I really hope he does as well as Fang on this website, whose story inspired me especially as he is also an outdoor cat who lost a front leg.

One more work day before my furry friend returns for TLC at home 🙂


2 thoughts on “Surgery day”

  1. I know what you mean about saying goodbye to the beautiful paw, that’s hard. It’s also saying goodbye to cancer, that makes it easier.

    Good luck with the healing. I also needed lots of patience with Mona during this time because she was quite feisty and wacko from the meds. She was easy to comfort, love and nurse but I’d have to remember to take a deep breath when she would race around the house and find strange places to pee, such as a desk drawer.

    It’ll be so exciting to bring him home!

    Kerren and Tri-kitty Mona

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