Day 1 post surgery

Visited the little guy this afternoon. He’s doing really well – all the vet staff say the vet did a beautiful job, & the meds are keeping him ‘chilled’, & he has charmed the staff by being such a happy, purry, smoochy little fella.
He is bandaged up securely to keep the staples safe. This will all stay for ten days or so, until staples come out.
Painy is yet to master standing on 3 legs though. They’ve put carpet in his cage to stop him slipping on the cage floor. He’ll stay at the vet until he can stand & balance to pee – unimagetil then they might have to help him empty his bladder.
Vet suggested we borrow a big cage from them to confine him when he comes home, so he doesn’t roll around the floor & get frustrated trying to get up. Will do that, especially as we have polished boards that would be very slippery.
Dinner today was some cooked chicken (not a bad cat hotel!) which he enjoyed with a little encouragement.
It was lovely to spend some time with Painy today, scratching his head, giving him a cuddle, & snuggling with him.
Going pretty well so far 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 1 post surgery”

  1. Hi Liz and Painy!

    Yeah, recovery is no picnic, but Painy will get the hang ofmit soon! He’s pretty well doped up right now and feeling very loopy…and feeling “fine”!

    Hang in t h ere…he’ll be home soon!

    Hugs to al@!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. I’ve tried & tried to upload a photo to this post – clicked add media, uploaded a photo to media file, clicked on ‘insert in post’ – nothing happens. Have checked in tech support & it seems uploading pics to blogs should be easy enough. Heeelllp!!!!!

  3. Adding a photo. I might not be much help as I’m hit and miss on adding to my blog. Did you upload your photos to your media library first? I have all my photos in my library, then it’s from there that when adding a new blog posting hit Add Media, it goes to my Media Library, click on the photo I want and insert in post.

    Hope this helps, I’d love to see some photos.


  4. Thanks for your encouragement, folks!

    I managed at last to upload a pic, Kerren, but maybe I need to resize!! Argh, technology!!!


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